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Lake Toba Festival theme in 2013, which Argado Bona Ni Pinasa or Ancestral Land Appreciate.

In the effort to brighten and increase the number of tourists to Naidoo, the local district government with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy until now continues to carry out promotional activities, both domestically and abroad.

Implementation of FDT 2013 is estimated to be more conceptual than the previous similar events held each year. FDT 2013 will present a variety of art and cultural attractions and a variety of races, including the race Solu Bolon 'or a big boat that will surround Lake Toba.

Solu Bolon has been a traditional sport that a lot of tourist attention. Solu Bolon in the past have been the vehicles of local residents to cross the waters of Lake Toba.

FDT will hold a solu bol
on as many as 15 participants and was likely to rise, the international paragliding competition in Sulakhosa to be landing on land and water. Outdoor roving Samosir. Carnaval Sigale-gale by ethnic Batak. Ceremonial traditions soots hariapan or pasangap parents, Horbo anesthetic.

Furthermore, choir competitions, exhibitions of creative industries as much as 72 tourist booths from various districts of the city, fashion show. FDT opening will be held in 1000 tortor convulsions, and sang Oh Tao Toba mars Nauli as FDT.

Local activities are funded budget is Naposo race, mangandung (wailing), the race photographer, for FDT openstage Pangururan, entertainment will be filled by each district. World Drumb festival (festival gondang with melodic instruments) which will be followed from abroad.

Samosir regency government in collaboration with Indonesian Triathlon Federation (FTI) plans to hold a Triathlon Championships Lake Toba 2013. triathlon as a fairly popular sport in the world can be a medium to stimulate the interest of foreign tourists to visit the Lake Toba. Triathlon is a combination of three sports that competed in the series, including swimming, cycling and running.

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